rental space





Tokura house can be used for a rental room.

You can rent the room for your workshops, meetings, or etc..

ご利用料金 / rental fee

■一般料金(新山地区外)/ General fee

・半日利用(3時間まで) 3000円

  half day (at most 3 hours)  ¥3000

・終日利用        5700円

  all day (over 3 hours)       ¥5700


※ An air-conditioner is able to be used with an additional fee (¥300/h)

■新山地区民 / Fee for local residents


 ※If there are any local residents in your group, you can rent the room with the fee below. 

・半日利用(3時間まで) 1000円

   half day (at most 3 hours) ¥1000

・終日利用         1800円

   all day (over 3 hours)       ¥1800


※ An air-conditioner is able to be used with an additional fee (¥300/h)

付帯設備 / Facilities

畳部屋   12畳 

Japanese style room with 12 tatami mats ( about 20㎡ )

長机 / 座布団 / 座敷椅子 / Wi-Fi / 扇風機 / エアコン(追加料金)

tables / floor cushions / chairs / Wi-Fi / fans / air-conditioner (additional charge)



parking place

(※There are limited space of parking. Please let us know how many cars you would like to park in advance)

ご利用お申し込み / Booking

■電話予約 / telephone



■メール予約 / Email


  Please write down the infomation below and send an Email.

件名:【会場予約】  /   title:【Booking for share space】

 1.お申込者氏名(フリガナ)  /   applicant name

 2.団体名・法人名 /    Group name or Company name

 3.住所    /    address

 4.電話番号    /    telephone number

 5.ご希望利用日     /     date of use the room

 6.ご希望利用時間帯    /    time of use the room

 7.ご利用目的     /    purpose of use the room

 8.ご利用予定人数    /   number of people in your group

 9.キッチン使用有無    /    kitchen use  〇/✕

 10.駐車場ご利用台数    / number of the car



We will send you an Email to confirm of your booking.

Please note that it may take a couple of days to confirm. Thanks.